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Using Sypron's extended Global Reach & Professional team, we will always strive to be your reliable partner for success!

We aspire to give our customers a positive experience and solid return on their investment. As such the common factor we deliver among our solutions is: high efficiency, competitive performance, lower costs, superior security, and strong post-sale support.



We provide Business, Investment, Management, Financial & Industry-Specific consulting services; Furthermore we conduct multi-level due diligence and contracts drafting and management services.

International Commerce

We provide trading and consulting services in different domains helping to securely and legally source both authenticated and high quality sources connecting with reputable government and commercial buyers. In a very tough international market we spare no effort to conduct through authentication and due diligence to maximize the business success potential for us and our partners, aiming to build strategic relationships versus only spot/transactional ones.


We have access to multiple investment sources, and we offer multiple Investment Consulting services.


We have a highly qualified team global consultants specialized in different areas ranging between Business, Investment and Financial to specialized SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in different industries. We follow best-practice approach, while tailoring our work to match our clients’ markets and environment, looking at both Macro and Micro dimensions.

International Commerce

Sypron has a diversified network of global providers around the globe. We specialize in multiple domains, primarily Oil & Gas commodities like Diesel, Jet Fuel & LNG, as well as Fertilizers like UREA N46; In addition to Agricultural products & Metals.

Investment Consulting

We have access to a variety of Investment hubs & Businesses regionally and globally. We we are always ready to provide the best advise and match-making for different kinds of investments and partnerships.


Through its Technology subsidiary, Sypron Solutions,  we provide cutting edge solutions, for example: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things, Digital Transformation, Cloud, Mobility, Smart Cities, Health Tech, Pharma Tech.


We have strong experience in partnering with Governments in multiple capacities to help them with their digital transformation journeys. Not only do we advise and consults, but also we have the means and arms to deliver these transformations. So, we are there End-to-End and for Continuous Improvement.

Health Tech Consulting

We have an excellent network of Innovative Health Tech providers working with the latest technologies, for example: Predictive Medicine, Genetic Engineering, DNA, Longevity, AI Disease prediction, Stem Cells,..etc; In addition to a strong network of Pharmaceutical and Natural Supplements’ providers.

Impossible things can happen!

We believe that “the Sky is the Limit”!.. with sound strategy, proper planning, teamwork, hard work, determination and commitment, the most ambitious GOALS can be achieved.

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> Regional HQ: Sypron Group FZCO, IFZA Business Park, DDP, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
> Africa HQ: Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt

> Newark, Delaware 19702, USA

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