Diesel EN590 10PPM Jet A1 Fuel
Rotterdam, Fujairah, Houston WORLD PORTS

Oil & Gas Trading

We are specialized on Refined Oil & Gas products trading, where we are mainly focused on are low Sulphur Diesel EN590 (10ppm) and Jet A1 fuel. Moreover, based on our clients demands this may extend to other commodities like Diesel D6 or crude oil.



We provide consulting services in Trading, Business, Investment, Management, Financial & Industry-Specific projects; Furthermore we conduct multi-level due diligence and contracts drafting and management services.


We are doing trading and consulting services in multiple domains. We are focused in very few commodities and primarily in the Oil & Gas sector. Nowadays in a tough business environment we spare no effort to conduct through authentication and due diligence to maximize the business success potential for us and our clients, aiming to build strategic relationships versus opportunistic approach.


We offer multiple Investment Consulting services, and we partner and go hand-in-hand with our partners to explore the best potential ROI and value to all entities.


We have a highly qualified team global consultants specialized in different areas ranging between due diligence and forensics, Business, Investment and Financial to specialized SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) in different industries and domains. We follow best-practice approach, while tailoring our work to match our clients’ markets and environment, looking at both Macro and Micro dimensions.

International Commerce & Trading

Sypron has a diversified network of global providers around the globe. We specialize in multiple domains, primarily Oil & Gas commodities like Diesel, Jet Fuel & LNG, as well as Fertilizers like UREA N46; In addition to Metals & few other products.

Investment Consulting

We have access to a variety of Investment hubs & Businesses regionally and globally. We we are always ready to provide the best advise and match-making for different kinds of investments and partnerships.


Through its Technology subsidiary, Sypron Solutions,  we provide cutting edge solutions, for example: Robotics, Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things, Digital Transformation, Cloud, Mobility, Smart Cities, Health Tech, Pharma Tech.