Sypron’s slogan is: Dream, Think, and Invent. These three verbs are the core of what the Sypron AI team does every day. Engineers in this division are problem solvers, constantly challenging themselves to explore new problems and technologies, match both of them to come up with the best solution to each problem.
Our mission is to push the limits of what has been done already and explore creative ways of utilizing existing and new emerging technologies for problem solving.

Energy Management

Provides comprehensive analysis for all parameters that help to improve maintenance process.


Provides a charts and energy consumption pattern


Analysis for all parameters that help to improve maintenance process Equipment performance


Powerful tool for collecting and/or Logging data that represent machine conditions


Machine Learning

We develop intelligent algorithms to endow our products with different intelligent capabilities such as the ability to selectively collect data based on a certain context of interest, the ability to fuse data from different multi-modal sources including soft and hard sensors and the ability to process and analyze the collected and fused data in order to get in-depth insights about current status of machine/system, predict likelihood of failure/malfunctioning and recommend proactive actions.


Cognitive Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) brings physical and digital worlds together and replaces the ownership paradigm with remote access. IDC Research forecasts that there 7.1 trillion dollars of value will be generated from IoT and 40 billion connected devices by 2020. Cognitive Internet of Things (IoT) technology is empowered with high level capabilities such as learning, thinking, and understanding the physical world.


Cloud Robotics

Cloud robotics is a technology enabler for sharing data and processing resources provided by spatially distributed, connected robotic systems in order to enhance and enlarge the power and the utility of robotics systems. Using the cloud, a robot can improve different capabilities such as machine vision, speech recognition, language translation, motion planning, 3D mapping and learning.


Smart Factory and Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution Industry 4.0 represents a new paradigm shift from “centralized” to “decentralized” industry relies on cyber-physical based automation where sensors send data directly to the cloud and services such as monitoring, control and optimization automatically subscribe to necessary data in real-time. In the coming years, these technologies will be seen as a viable alternative to current manufacturing processes.

AGATHA   US Patent #62819700

Agatha is a Predictive Maintenance system via Cognitive IoT.
Agatha converts sensory data into actionable insights for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for electro-mechanical equipment.

How AGATHA works?
Agatha system will encompass spatially distributed interoperable and accessible smart sensors able to selectively collect, fuse and share data about machine condition. The selectively collected and fused data is then analyzed in order to get real-time insights and performance data, determine and dynamically update the likelihood of failures and make timely decisions or recommendations.

The dominant reason for inefficiency of the current predictive maintenance systems is the lack of factual data and real-time data analytics modules. This prevents the system from anticipating incipient problems and quantifying the actual need for repair or maintenance